Many people ask, "How does therapy work?" While the process is unique to each individual, typically, we will meet once a week or more to have a confidential, safe, and honest conversation that naturally sheds light on previously not-so-conscious connections between your thoughts, feelings, desires, frustrations, wishes, goals, and more. Together, we will consider how best to create a life that feels more meaningful and fulfilling to you.  

This may include, but isn't limited to, discovering ways to:

  • set or honor boundaries in relationships
  • manage anxiety, depression, guilt, general malaise or worry
  • cope without turning excessively to alcohol, drugs, or other potentially harmful behaviors 
  • muddle through grief and allow yourself to open to new experiences 
  • clarify career or relationship goals 
  • deepen connections with loved ones
  • tolerate the loss inherent in many life changes
  • free up some of your creative energy and restore a sense of vitality 

The course of therapy may run anywhere between several months to several years, depending upon the type of work you wish to complete. Although admittedly challenging at times, like life itself, I trust that you will indeed find benefit in coming to know the many dimensions of yourself and those you love.    

If you would like to come in for a consultation, 
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and be sure to ask me any questions you may have before signing.

NOTE: If you are not applying your out of networkhealth insurance benefits, you do not need to complete the HIPAA form.